Caring For Outdoor Wood Furniture

It will eventually rot and crack to pieces if we fail to protect wood furniture. To resist rot for decades, we can make chemically tread lumber. Some wood, including redwood, cedar and teak, contain varying degrees of natural wood preservatives. But water that soaks into all these wood species will cause them to crack.


To prevent water from getting into the wood, we have to treat all wood with a water repellent on a regular basis. Do this every other year or so and our  outdoor furniture and play set will look fantastic instead of resembling a 50-year-old fishing pier.

Do not use a pressure washer to cleaning wood furniture. It absolutely will damage the wood. The high pressure stream of water erodes the softer, lighter colored bands of spring wood that are found between the darker bands of summer wood grain.

During summer months, your outdoor patio furniture gets a lot of use. You will need to make sure that your patio furniture is properly protected from damage if you live in a place that has a cold or wet climate in the winter. It,s time to prepare your furniture for the winter months ahead, you aren’t spending as much time outdoors now. There’s a chill in the air because the days are getting  shorter.


With outdoor living spaces becoming more popular than ever, most people have at least a few pieces that need to be stored. Even furniture that is treated to be weather resistant or is under a patio cover needs to be cared for and maintained. You will be able to be enjoy your outdoor living area when spring rolls around and your furniture will be in top shape, spend a bit of time now.

When using teak furniture we need to know whether we need teak oil to treat them. It is a good investment to buying outdoor teak furniture. For many years we should be able to enjoy our outdoor teak furniture and possibly even hand it down to our children or grandchildren. It does not require much maintenance. There are still a few things we should know. The most important question is whether need to use teak oil on our outdoor teak furniture or not.

Treating our furniture with teak oil will not help extending the life of the furniture. Outdoor teak furniture does not need any additional oil to last for decades. All it will do is making the teak wood dependent on continuous reapplications of oil to prevent the wood from drying out. The natural oil that exists below the surface of the wood is already sufficient to protect it from the elements but there are some things you can do to help preserve the appearance of our furniture.


We need to consider our climate and maintenance. Regular maintenance varies with each type, though most require an annual application of an oil based stain with water sealer and preservative to protect against moisture and maintain the wood’s natural color. Teak is most durable option and the most expensive. It is the only type of wooden outdoor furniture that can endure all weather conditions without the need of a protective varnish. It is also the best option to place around pools.

If you prefer to keep your teak patio furniture at its original golden color instead of letting it weather to a silvery-gray patina, simply perform some light sanding and then apply a teak cleaner and protectant. The oils will penetrate, nourish and help restore the original look of your teak.

Teak can be cleaned with a hose. To remove stains, lightly sand away areas that are stained with fine grit sandpaper. High quality outdoor furniture covers are recommended if you plan to leave your teak furniture outdoors all year. If you choose to store your furniture indoors, we recommend that you do so in a watertight garden shed or garage. We advise that you do not move teak furniture from the garden straight into a heated indoor room for storage, as the sharp differences in temperature and humidity may cause the wood to split.

If you choose to leave your furniture and cushions outdoors year round, the use of high quality outdoor furniture covers are recommended. This will help protect against exposure to the elements. If you choose to store your furniture, we offer several outdoor storage solutions to protect cushions.

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