Coloring Choices You Must Take In Every Room Of Your Home


Color is one of the fundamental elements of design, something you will always have in every room. You already know that there’s much ado about color whether you have been interested in design for a while or you are just getting started on your first room. Approaches to bringing it into a space and feelings on how much is too much change from era to era as trends in design continue to come and go, but unless you have a room with clear plastic furniture and glass walls, a grasp of how to manage color in your spaces in one of the first steps to creating rooms you will love to live in.

Why color is one of the most discussed topics in design, there is another good reason. Not only does it appear in every room ever designed, it also has a lot to say about what the finished room actually is and what it does. Do you want a room that is energizing? Professional? Or are you just looking for someplace warm and inviting to relax after a long day? Whatever it is you are looking for in a room< color is the key to making a room feel the way you want it to feel.

A number of different techniques have evolved to help designers both professional and novice approach this important point over the years. From color wheels to color boards, there are plenty of options with plenty of color theory and psychology in between. If designing rooms is not what you do for a living, it can get a little complicated while all of it is useful. But good news is that is really only three kinds of decisions you need to make about color in your home: the small ones, the medium ones, and the large ones.


If you are new ro design or experimenting with a color that you are not fully committed to, small color choices are often the easiest ones to make and they are easiest place to start. Small color choices are the ones we are most familiar with. They are the little pops of color like throw pillows, textiles and other accessories that most of us use to add visual interest to our rooms. Less labor intensive than painting your walls and less expensive than buying a colorful new sofa, small color choices are a more modest approach to shades and tones that bring with them the significant benefit of being easily changeable.

Creating a whole new color story can be as simple as swapping out a few pillows in a space dominated by neutral tones. Here, a classic black and white pallet is given an immediate burst of warmth with just a few colorful pillows. Also, notice the relationship between the pillows and the other accessories in the room such as the brightly-colored bouquet on the table.


Generally furniture pieces such as sofas, dining tables or bookshelves are medium color choices. Color choices in this range are a step up from the small ones in two major ways: First, medium color choices require a bigger commitment than smaller ones. It is harder to move, replace or reupholster a sofa than it is to switch out pillows, vases or (most) art pieces. Secondly, however, they have a much larger impact on the feeling of a space.

Medium color choices have a more determinate effect on the color story of a room where small color choices bring in pops of color with the rest of the room as a backdrop. Also, small color pieces will often need to be repeated or layered in some way to have a significant impact in a room. Medium color choices do not necessarily need to be, but when they are the effect is significant. The warm neutral tones of the walls and floor take on a decidedly moody cast with the introduction of black furniture in the form of sofas, coffee table and entertainment center in this room.

Keep in mind also that your medium color options are not limited furniture, as area rugs and drapery also fall into this category, giving you the opportunity to bring your floors and windows into the discussion as well. Here the drapes pick up the black of the furniture and pair it with a warm brown similar to that of the walls.


The large color decisions in your rooms concern the things that actually define your rooms, the walls, ceilings, and floors reserved for true color lovers. That is right, we said ceilings. The biggest color commitment you can make in a space are large color choices. Whether you are looking at wallpaper or paint, the time, effort and relative expense involved is significant. So it pays to be sure, because you want to get it right the first time.

The biggest impact that color can make in you space is by bringing color to these areas. It is probably a good idea to be sparing with the medium and small color pieces, because you just might not need them if you decide to go this big, that means. In this room, the striking purple paint on the ceiling provides the majority of color, contrasting the white walls and white stenciled floors. Notice how the ceiling color is picked up and repeated by small color pops in the wall art and flowers while the medium color choices of the table, chairs and cabinets reinforce the neutral palette that defines the rest of the room. To make the ceiling into one massive pop of color by combining the white of the walls with the wood of the cabinet, the floor ties the color palette of the room together.


When it comes to your bedroom color palettes; In your home, your bedroom is one of the most important rooms. It is where your days begin, your nights end and where you relax on the weekends. You have to have the essentials to make this all important space as relaxing, cozy and comfortable as possible. These include things like warm, fluffy bedding, cozy seating for curling up in with a good book, and places to put all of your stuff.

Color becomes an even more important part of creating a sanctuary where we most need to strike a calm and relaxing chord in a bedroom. Color sets the overall mood in any room. Picking a color that you love, and pairing it with the right secondary color is the best way to create a space that you will enjoy, one that you can relax and refresh in. We have put together even color palettes that are calm to help you put together your own at home oasis. Incorporating any of these lovely palettes into your bedroom is a sure way to create a room that you can count on to be the perfect antidote to a long day.

 To wake up in every morning, the browns, blues and whites are the ideal place of fresh, crisp space. The dark wood floors paired with an abundance of clean whites is bold, yet soothing. The touch of blue on the duvet is a pretty way to add a pop of color that still works well with the surrounding.


The lovely sea-foam colored bedspread is subtle, but still pops against the cool gray walls in this bedroom. What could possibly be more relaxing than a color palette inspired by the beach? And the golden colored pillows are still neutral, but really add a punch of excitement to the space.

To give your bedroom a hotel type feel making it easy to fall into the covers and imagine yourself somewhere far, far away by using fresh, white linens, and a neutral palette similar to this. Does not this room just scream relaxing? This soft, clean palette is the perfect combination of relaxation and luxury.

 The paint color has a touch of purple, giving it a regal, sophisticated feel in this bedroom. There is just something about cool grays and blues that gives any room a smooth, laid back vibe. Meanwhile, the lighter grays and whites in the space make a statement against the darker painted wall. Investing in good white bedding like this is one of the best ways to make your space feel relaxing and comfortable.

When it comes to creating a relaxing mood in the bedroom, soft pinks are another favorite to use. Paired with a few simple neutrals, this pretty color is the perfect way to add a soft touch of soothing femininity to a bedroom.


Navy s, whites, and taupe’s; this is another bedroom with a relaxing and soothing palette. And even though this one is a little bit moody, it works just as well. The rich, navy walls paired with bright and light bedding look sharp, yet cozy. The dark walls create a cozy environment that would make getting out of bed an unthinkable chore.

Creams, grays and browns; This palette of warm creams, and whites look relaxing and effortless. Adding an inviting pile of cozy throw and faux fur throw blankets adds up to a bed you can not wait to jump into and a space that you will hate to leave. Try throwing in a bit of dark browns and woods to warm up this cool palette.

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